Valentine’s Day

I feel so emotionally drained, I just don’t want to do deal with another valentines day ever again. The seemed ok as it started as although I didn’t get any official cards I was given a lovely box of chocolates by my family, but things went dramatically downhill at work when i made a call home on my lunch break to discover that one of my bunnies Ashley was really sick as she had a stroke from nowhere, I was left feeling at a loss and I just wanted to be at home with her but I had the afternoon at work to do sadly. But when I returned home she was there lying in her hutch and she couldn’t hold herself up but sadly she didn’t survive the night and she has passed in her hutch. I just feel at such a loss she was such a great bunny.. I will never forget her x

And just to top off my crappy day i have found that one of the guys that I was chatting to on the dating site is now in relationship with one of my friends I used to work with, So thanks for not telling me guy when I messaged you and you didn’t reply! Such an A** could have just said I’m kinda seeing someone.. I would have just said all the best. But instead I have to find out through Facebook. 

I have realised that this dating isn’t for me, there is one guy that I am still in touch with but he is away at the moment and when he’s back I think we are going out and if that doesn’t work out, Then I am just not dating or bothering anymore its just not for me. I really don’t like being messed about or treated like hot and cold.. life is too short for that sh*t.

So prince charming if you are out there please make yourself visible one day..




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